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How Much Did You Say?!

How Much Did You Say?!

How much did you say?!

Our family was just a stone in the pond, but the ripple effect has been huge.  We decided to do some maths and found that the small habit change to use LilyBee instead of single-use plastic has added up to be a lot over the past year!

It's been ages since we used cling film, so we started asking around to find out how much the average household goes through. Then we multiplied this with the number of families who have switched to LilyBee (over 12,000 and counting) and found that over the last year together we have stopped over 2 million meters of cling film from going into the environment.  Such a great example of how small daily changes can add up to making a huge impact.

The really inspiring part? That every day we hear from people about how LilyBee was just the beginning. They tell us how this one small change empowered them to start looking around to discover other achievable changes that worked for their family. We find these notes so inspiring it has become our ritual to read them every Monday in our weekly meeting.

Which got us thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a place where everyone can benefit and be supported in their journey? No matter where they are on the path? A place to share all of the exciting changes you are making and find out what other people are doing? What about all of those questions that start coming up about what happens to the plastic you cannot recycle? Or what to do with all of your kid's plastic toys?  Or when you find a great money saving, eco-friendly tip others might benefit from?

So that's what we have done.  We created a Facebook group to help support you no matter where you are on your journey. It's a place of empowerment, inspiration, and connection where we all have a voice and can be heard. A place of discovery and sharing so you can ask questions and we can all benefit from our shared experiences.

Click here, on the link below, or search 'All You Can Eco' in Facebook and join today. Help make the ripples in the pond a positive tidal wave of change. Saving 2 million meters of plastic is just the beginning of what we can do together.

Find All You Can Eco at

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